Gourmet Live: The Sex Issue

I'm sure many of you have realized that the long-lived publication, Gourmet Magazine, didn't actually disappear, but was rather reincarnated as a digital magazine. While access to the old Gourmet recipes (from 1941 on) is still available on Gourmet.com and  Epicurious.com, Gourmet Live presents both old and recycled stories, videos, and recipes.

Indeed, as the latest issue highlights, the new Gourmet Live definitely has an edgier feel than the previous magazine. They describe the latest issue, Gourmet Live: The Sex Issue, as "exploring the lusty link between food and sex with a peek inside the Playboy Mansion kitchen, America's tastiest testicle dishes, and more randy eats." And, indeed, some of the articles are: A Meal at the Playboy Mansion, Here Come the Libido Killers, What to Eat Naked, and Where to Go for Gonads. Enjoy responsibly!

And for those of you who have collections from Gourmet, remember to use us to find your favorites recipes: indeed, we have over 40 of Gourmet's Best of and other recipe collections in the EYB Library  as well as indexing Gourmet magazines from the archives.

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