Cooking through every issue of Gourmet

Shrimp Creole
Remember Julie and Julia? Where Julie Powell cooked every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking? In their blog The Way We Ate, two New York photographers are pursuing a similar goal with all the back issues of Gourmet Magazine. However, rather than blogging about the recipes, they're cooking the dishes and recording them in photos. In addition they're also posting other fun content from the magazine. The old ads, in particular, are a real kick. 

Here's their description of the site: "Noah Fecks and Paul Wagtouicz are photographers in New York City who share a desire to re-create, cook and capture some of the best recipes of the 20th Century that we either missed the first time around, or want to relive in our tiny East Village kitchen.

Every week we select and prepare, guided by the season, 2-5 recipes from a single issue of Gourmet magazine.  Our photographs, alongside favorite advertisements from the issue and other bits of historical context, offer a glimpse of our wonder and pleasure in the entire experience.  With an emphasis on whole ingredients and unaltered foods, we're gonna eat our way through all 815 issues!"

For all of us that grew up with Gourmet and miss it, this is just a really fun site and quick to use. Just peruse the photos, relive old times, dig up old favorite recipes (our indexed lists for all the Gourmet cookbooks, Gourmet magazines and the Epicurious website will make it easy), and enjoy!

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