The perfect pineapple upside-down cake, plus...

Unmolding pineapple upside-down cakeCombining two blogs today, we first present America's Test Kitchen's recipe for perfect pineapple upside-down cake. Among the keys to the recipe is how to ensure perfect unmolding plus how to keep the pineapple pieces securely in place once unmolded. And the recipe comes with instructions on how to substitute peaches or nectarines for the pineapple.

Our second reference is to theKitchn's article, On Specialty Fruit Gadgets andpineapple cutter Tools: Really Useful or Just Plain Silly?  The article and respondents weigh in on pineapple slicers, "the pineapple slicer is the best invention ever. Hands down. If you like fresh pineapple there is no other way to go," strawberry hullers, cherry pitters, banana slicers, and other fruit-related gadgets. 

The article did not, however, mention one of our favorite fruit tools - the mango slicer. It's the best way to deal with that nasty pit. We'd love to hear from our readers if the article missed any of your favorites, or if you disgree with any of the reviews. And an appraisal of the recipe would be wonderful, as well. Enjoy!

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