New Modernist Cuisine volume to be targeted for the home cook

Nathan Myhrvold
The Eater has an indepth interview with Nathan Myhrvold, one of the authors of Modernist Cuisine, the 6-volume guide to scientific cuisine published last year. Myhrvold just announced that, in the fall, he will be publishing the one-volume Modernist Cuisine at Home. He describes the idea behind the book as "let's approach modernist cuisine - the topic - with a big constraint. Which is that we want to have things which are very relevant to a home cook." That means no weird equipment, no exotic ingredients, more down-to-Earth recipes.

But the interview has more than just a description of the new book. In particular, he discusses how to define "American" cooking, what recipes are better suited for homes rather than restaurants, the pros and cons of cookbooks in a digital or app version, and privacy concerns.

All of which adds up to some very enjoyable reading for the weekend. 

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