Tricks to successfully reheating food

pot roastThe Huffington Post's Kitchen Daily has a timely article by Sarah Pinneo on "The 6 Mistakes You're Making Reheating That Food." As she writes, "Leftovers can be a boon -- two homemade meals for the effort of one. Or, if improperly handled, leftovers can be sad and unappealing. Some minor adjustment to your methods will pay off, turning that foil covered dish into treasure." She proceeds to gives 6 solid pieces of advice, (we love her line that "microwaving is a contact sport") plus a few bonus ones:

  • Don't forget the water
  • Where's the lid?
  • Don't walk away from that microwave
  • Don't use the microwave for foods with multiple moisture profiles
  • Try your broiler
  • Don't forget the topping
  • Shred, don't cut
  • Chill immediately, use quickly and reheat thoroughly

And having learned how to successfully use leftovers, here are some books on how to cook casseroles which our members especially like. Casseroles make great two-for-one meals!

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