Imagine cooking at Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

There's a reissue of Arabella Boxer's Book of English Food and it should prove fascinating for anyone enthralled by Downton Abbey, Parade's End, or high-end English cooking. Rachel Cooke in The Observer gives the book a strong rave in her article, Downton, Parade's End, and British food between the wars. 

Cooke describes the book as " Boxer tells the story of the flowering of English food between the wars, an unexpected bloom that occurred mostly in the houses of very posh people and which died with the outbreak of the second world war. The recipes are delicious, relatively straightforward, and fabulously camp. Even better, she cites the provenance of every one, with the unexpectedly spiffing result that, this autumn, we can all be a little bit posh."  She goes on to state  that, "It would be worth buying  English Food for Boxer's opening essay alone. The anecdotes that stud it, like currants in a bun, are far funnier than anything Julian Fellowes has ever come up with."

And if you like this book, Arabella Boxer has numerous others. Check out her EYB collection here

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