Is food more fashionable than fashion?

Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart

Over at the Huffington Post, Martha Stewart reflects on the possibility that food may be the new fashion. As she writes in her introduction to Food is the New Fashion:

“The notion that ‘you are what you eat’ extends beyond the virtues of a nutritious, well-balanced diet. These days, it often seems that you are what you purchase in the supermarket or at the farmer’s market; your grocery list is a reflection of your values and your identity. Chefs are as celebrated as designers (move over, Armani, here’s Batali!) and eating and entertaining have become haute couture: Food is the new fashion.”

Whether you like Martha or not (and we’d bet our community has some opinions in this area), in this editorial she pulls a lot of ideas together and makes a lot of sense. In particular, we agree that “I see the growing interest in learning about food and the enthusiasm for home cooking — especially since studies show that eating together improves family health and stability — as the recessionary cloud’s silver lining.” It’s well worth a quick read.

But (and this is only a minor criticism) could we agree to ban two words in the future, “foodie” and “fashionista”?  Both somehow rub us the wrong way.

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