The cookie chosen by both Jacques Torres & Dorie Greenspan

We don’t usually bring attention to cooking contests – there are far too many of them – but the winner of the recent Fonseca contest caught our attention. First, the contest was rather unique – design a cookie that would go well with Port – and the judges (Jacques Torres and Dorie Greenspan) are no slouches. Then the cookie itself is really good – and designed for mature audiences. 

The cookies, labeled Portofignos, are described in Food Republic’s article,   The Cookie Recipe That Caught the Eye of Jacques Torres & Dorie Greenspan, as “not-too-sweet, chocolate sablé filled with salty walnuts and Port-soaked figs.” They also publish the recipe for those who are interested in trying it out.

 Dried figs

And even if you don’t want to make the cookie, Jacques Torres has a great tip for macerating fruit, “When I marinate fruit, I like to do so cold, rather than warm. It’s best if the fruit marinates for a few days to absorb a great deal of flavor. The alcohol will still cook out when the cookies are baked.”

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  • Jane  on  April 30, 2013

    This sounds like my dream cookie – chocolate, walnuts, figs and port all in one bite. And with Dorie's seal of approval, this is definitely going to be my next baking session.

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