Cooking Light’s taste tests produce 41 winners

Taste tests

Every year Cooking Light gives out its Taste Test Awards, an annual guide to the best supermarket and artisanal products in a variety of categories. After eliminating foods that didn’t meet nutritional standards, they chose their top 41 supermarket foods in 20 categories. The categories are quite diverse, including some obvious ones such as popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, chicken broth, canned soup, sparkling water, French fries, and hash browns. But there were some that are a bit more specialized like pierogies, coconut ice bars, and frozen brown rice.

Here are five results that stood out to us as a bit surprising, check out the complete list here:

  • Part-skin Mozzarella:  Sargento Off the Block Traditional Cut & Horizon Organic
  • Canned Soup:  MINESTRONE: Progresso Reduced Sodium & Amy’s Lentil
  • French Fries: Walmart Great Value & Ore-Ida Golden
  • Sparkling Water, Lemon: Polar Springs & LaCroix
  • Chicken Stock: Swanson & Kitchen Basics

Photo by Randy Mayor


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