You're not feeling great, so what do you eat?

Flu fighter cookies

It's a particularly vehement flu season here in the United States and Canada; we understand that Europe is having a particularly cold time of it; Australia is having a particularly hot time of it; and New Zealand must be run over by new-found hobbit fans, so we thought that some advice on what to eat when you're out of sorts might be in order. And to the rescue we have, from Bon Appetit: Feed a Cold, Feed a Fever: 6 Chefs' Tasty Flu Remedies and from BuzzFeed Food: 24 Delicious DIY Cures For A Cold or Flu.

Soup, of course, is a well-known cure (check out our blog Chicken soup - and green tea - do help colds for the evidence and some helpful recipes from the EYB library) but if soup isn't exciting, here are some additional ideas from Bon Appetit (you can get the recipes here): 

  • Get Well Green Tea Smoothie (New York's Greenhouse Tavern chef-owner Jonathan Sawyer);
  • Influenza RX Sorbet made with orange and lemon juices, honey, and bourbon (Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams in Columbus, Ohio); and
  • Arroz caldo, Philippine style (Paul Qui, East Side King, Austin).

And from BuzzFeed Food, there are a number of intriguing looking beverages (recipes here):

  • Lemon, Ginger & Honey Flu Remedy
  • Flu Buster Clementine Creamsicle Smoothie
  • Homemade Cough Remedy
  • Sage Tea
  • Spicy Lemon-Ginger "Intensi-Toddy"
  • Sriracha Cold Remedy
  • Turmeric Milk with Ginger and Cardamom

and maybe best of all (though not a beverage):

  • Flu-Fighter Cookies

We hope you're feeling better.

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