3 not-so-ordinary ways to create a comfy kitchen


Over at the Kitchn, Dana Velden has a very thoughtful post, 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier in Your Kitchen. Overall, these are relatively easy to do and, in our view, right on. Several are well-known (keep a stocked pantry, avoid clutter), but she also has some unique ideas. Here are a few that struck a definite chord with us:

Love your stuff. Velden notes that you should get rid of pieces of kitchen equipment you dislike. We have an additional take - you should also get rid of kitchen equipment you bought because you feel you should have it, or it's a "must have" for a sophisticated kitchen - but it only serves to make you feel uneasy. If you like inexpensive slicers, feel free to discard the expensive mandoline.

Pause and breath. Maybe obvious, but when concentrating on a recipe or standing over a soup that won't come to a boil, it can be really easy to ignore how much fun being the kitchen can be. Here are a couple of our ideas: When the dough comes out of the mixer, add some hand kneading just for the feel. Serve tonight's dinner on a platter with a little garnish. Notice the sunlight coming in through the window and see how it changes how the food looks.

Include art. We would expand this concept to include anything that adds a touch of the unexpected - a touch of purple here, a candle instead of a fruit bowl, a kitchen calendar with chickens on it rather than food.

We'd love to have you join us in this conversation with your ideas. And may your kitchen be warm and comfy.

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  • Foodelf  on  1/13/2013 at 11:58 AM

    Music - I can't imagine cooking or baking without being surrounded by music - I have speakers in the kitchen. Everything from the soundtrack of The Big Night, to opera, symphony - whatever preference. It's as necessary to me as good ingredients.

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