Jello and Popcorn

Popcorn and M&Ms

As we already wrote the only Superbowl blog you'll need (Margaritas and guacamole), we thought that, while we'd get in the Superbowl spirit today, we'd take an off-beat path. So we're noting two recent articles on under-praised snack foods - jello and popcorn.

Buzzfeed has a wonderful photo essay on popcorn that should provide lots of inspiration, as should some of these recipes we found at the EYB library. Among the most curious have to be Buttered Popcorn Cookies from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and Tandoori Popcorn from Heston Blumenthal at Home. And don't overlook one of our favorite things to do with popcorn - add them in lieu of croutons in salads

And then the Huffington Post recently asked: "Is Jell-O mold hip?" in Ronna Benjamin's blog,  Jell-O Mold's Comeback. One can almost define a generation by those who remember Jell-O molds and those who've neve seen one, but as a member of the previous generation, we can't help but feel a nostalgic twinge at this question and hope for its revival (though we will always shudder at the thought of tomato aspic).

So here's a challenge -  help us bring back Jell-O Mold. The article has some interesting recipes (including one for "Drunken Jell-O Mold"), but if that doesn't inspire you, here are 36 recipes, both savory and sweet, from the Library. Together, we can make a revolution - forward!


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