Our five favorite April Fool's Day sites

Scope Bacon Mouthwash

We'll admit to being a little jealous at some of the great April Fool's Day sites that have gone up today - we applaud both the cleverness and the humor in the companies that have surrendered their sites to whimsy.  Alas, we can't emulate them, but at least we can honor them. So here are our favorite five food-related April Fool's Day pranks:

#5 - Whole Foods Cattle Cam: Equipping cattle with video cams allows you to verify exactly what your beef ate.

#4 - Bacon reaches its ultimate peak: Flavored bacon mouthwash by Scope - "for breath that sizzles".

#3 - You Tube: You Tube is announcing that it is shutting down  since it now has enough video for what was, actually, an 8-year contest.  

#2 - Google wins this spot with the announcement of their Google Nose BETA search feature: With a mobile aroma indexing program, we don't have to stop and smell the roses - they're just a click away.

#1 - Food52 has finally embraced the Slow Food and the back-to-land movement with a revision of its home page - it's now Food1852. We especially loved the new Food Lab entry, "the 61-Day, Dry-Aged, Sous Vide, Bone-In Chipmunk Steak."

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