Jerry Seinfeld on Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld

Apparently Jerry Seinfeld loves the Morning Edition show on National Public Radio, and just decided to call in one morning to discuss coffee. He is a relatively recent convert to coffee, having only started to drink it five years ago, but - being Seinfeld - has developed many coffee convictions. NPR obviously followed up and has just posted their conversation with Jerry about coffee. You can listen to it in its entirety at So Jerry Seinfeld Called Us to Talk About Coffee; here are a few of the points he made that we especially liked:

On coffee as a morning toy:
"I don't know what the top does. I don't know what the plastic stick does. I don't even really know what the sleeve does. But I want that little kit because this is my morning toy. And then - and this is gonna sound very naive, I really am very naive in a lot of areas - I didn't realize that caffeine has quite an effect on you. And that got to be another toy. So it's this big fun toy."

On caffeine:
"It's legal. It's not expensive. And they have a whole world for you with all their little words. It's just something to do. My theory is 98 percent of all human endeavor is killing time. This is a great way to do it."

On coffee rituals
"I do a little thing about the way people shake the sweetener packet. You know, like they're all excited. I want to get all the granules down to one end. I love all these rituals."

 Of course, coffee should not be sneezed at as an ingredient to be cooked with; in fact, we found several cookbooks on cooking with coffee on the EYB library. Happy drinking!

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