Mark Bittman identifies "the Big Mac of desserts"

Bittman Vongerichten

Mother's Day is approaching, and what mother wouldn't want the ultimate chocolate dessert - the "Big Mac of Dessert?" Mark Bittman has bestowed this title on Jean-Georges Vongerichten's molten chocolate cake - the original lava cake that has spawned so many offspring. But Vongertichten produces over 1,000/day, so if you want to go to the master, this is the one to choose. And to help everyone make it, the Braiser has provided this helpful NY Times video to show you exactly how to make it. 

But if cake doesn't fit the occasion,  check out our EYB's special Mother's Day Pinterest board which currently has 109 pins to recipes from savory to dessert to beverages to brunch.


molten chocolate cake

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  • Christine  on  5/7/2013 at 9:38 PM

    I've never made this original recipe, but my husband and I are big fans of Nigella Lawson's Molten Chocolate Babycakes version from her How to Be a Domestic Goddess cookbook -- delicious!

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