The creation of a new verb - To Ottoleng.

Ottolenghi Jerusalem

We all have our favorite cookbooks and Tim Hayward in the Financial Times looks at how much our choices reflect current entertaining trends. Perhaps this particularly resonated with me since I lived in the UK for most of the period he covers but I think it should ring true with many EYB members.  How often have we gone to a friend's for dinner (do we still call them dinner parties or is that an out-dated description?) and been served a meal we could easily have chosen ourselves from our own cookbooks?

I love Tim's creation of a new verb to reflect Ottolenghi's current ubiquity on the dinner table - "Shall we Ottoleng tonight? I expect so, because it needs to become its own verb. I Ottoleng; thou Ottolengest; he Ottolengs. Oh yes … everybody's Ottolenging now and we love it."

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  • Kate  on  6/17/2013 at 4:43 AM

    I got this cookbook and Plenty for my birthday and have already cooked from them a stack. tonight as the kids ate their dinner I sat down with them and meal planned for a dinner party (or friend coming for dinner) tomorrow night. Everything (except from one sauce) came from Jerusalem. Having beetroot dip and baba ganoush for starters with pita bread, then lamb stuffed eggplants, topped with the yogurt buttermilk sauce from Plenty, with a cauliflower salad, and a pistachio rice dish. Looking forward to it! Now just to do the shopping and cooking!

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