Insider tips on how to make a perfect date at a farmers' market

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It's June - a traditionally a romantic month - so we thought we 'd stray a little from a pure food topic and note this wonderful article, Why Farmers Markets Make the Perfect First Date. Forrest Pritchard, author of Gaining Ground (the story of how he turned around his seventh-generation farm) and owner of Smith Meadows is a seasoned veteran of farmers' markets and therefore more than qualified to opine on this subject. Here are some of his tips for making that first date perfect:

  • Prepare yourself by going alone for a few times - that way you'll know what's in season and not embarrass yourself.
  • Get to know a few farmers well - chatting up the farmers can help get over any conversational awkwardness between the two of you. As Pritchard says, "'Ain't no thang, just chillin with my farmer homies!"' You can now say this and totally get away with it… as long as you use outrageous hand gestures. Style points count, people."
  • Buy something different along with the standard items -  a little pak choi along with the tomatoes;  don't be boring.
  • Buy something appropriate for the other one - flowers, bacon, jellies - and maybe discuss visiting a farm for a follow-up date.
  • For a definite follow-up date, plan the perfect dinner together.

Personally, we think some of these ideas sound like great fun, even if you're not on a date.

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