Introducing herb crystals

Herb Crystals

The recent Fancy Food Show apparently had a number of interesting items, discussions of some of them have been popping up on blogs recently. We thought one of the most interesting were herb crystals. According to  Regina Schrambling at Epicurious, they're quite tasty. And she recommends several ways to use them, "I could imagine them dusted over shortbread, for instance, either savory or sweet, and definitely over frosting (the mint on brownies?) And in the new heyday of the cocktail, they're made for mixology."

She also found a website to purchase them,, which sells mint, rose, and basil versions. Incidentally, the site also sells anything you need to have to pursue an interest in molecular gastronomy. So if you have a copy of a cookbook by Hervé This (Building a Meal), Jozef Youssef (Molecular Gastronomy at Home), or Nathan Myhrvold (Modernist Cuisine) this could be a useful source.

Photo courtesy of Epicurious.


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