Cocktail vocabulary lesson


There's something obnoxious about people who insist on always using the proper terminology for food - after all, if someone wants to call something a soufflé that's not made with an egg yolk base and egg whites - it's OK as long as the dish is airy and the diner isn't led astray. But the worst sinners seem to be involved with beverages. Wine lovers often can get carried away and the new trend for classic cocktails has also created in some a vocabulary passion.

So while we don't want you to spend energy on always using the "correct" terminology, knowledge is power and knowing the right words can sometimes help make certain that you get exactly what you order. In that spirit, we're referring to an article over at Serious Eats, called 9 Easily Confused Cocktail Terms You Should Know. If the words "Apéritif", "Digestif," "Cordial," "Sprit," "Liquor," "Liqueur," "Dry," "Sweet," or "Perfect" cause any confusion, this is an easy resource.

And an easy way to show off your newfound knowledge is with any of these cocktail books owned by our members.

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