Are "Double-Stuf" Oreos really double?


Not being noted as a great math scholar, as a child we often asked "why is math important?" Well, here's one answer for any parent that hears that question. Are you being duped when you buy a package of "Double Stuf" oreos thinking you get twice the filling you would in a normal Oreo? If you think this isn't important, please note that the Oreo has been the best-selling cooking in the United States since 1912.

Sadly, the answer is No. According to CNN, a high school math teacher in New York had his students look into the quantity of filling for both "Double Stuf" and "Mega Stuf" Oreos. You can read the sad report here, but the gist if that Double Stuf has 1.86 times the stuff of a regular Orio, and Mega Stuf is 2.68 times a regular Oreo. However, we should note that an Oreo spokeswoman has denied the result. 

Stay tuned for further action on this topic.


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