The most common cooking mistakes

Blueberry Banana Muffins

We admit it - we love lists. But we do try to stick to lists that make us think.  So we couldn't resist this one from Cooking Light: The Most Common Cooking Mistakes. They list 57 common mistakes; here are the 10 we think are the most common (some are slightly reworded to make them more understandable), and cause the most problems:

  • Not tasting as you go
  • Not reading the entire recipe before you start cooking
  • Overcrowding the pan
  • Not using a meat thermometer
  • Not resting the meat after cooking
  • Limp salad 
  • Using cheaper ingredients, when it really does matter
  • Not getting the pan hot enough before adding the food
  • Not starting over when an ingredient really can't be rescued (burnt garlic, nuts, etc.)
  • Having all the extras (berries, nuts, etc.) sink to the bottom in a baked good.

The article includes remedies to all of these problems - so if any of them hit home, we won't tell while you look.

Photo of Blueberry-Banana Muffins by Serious Eats




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