Visual proof that most fad diets are just plain nuts

In an excellent demonstration of why seeing is believing, NPR's the Salt took a visual look at fashionable diets - photographing their ingredients. And it's obvious that most of then are just plain nuts or, as they title their article, Fad Diets Will Seem Even Crazier After You've Seen This.

We've reprinted two of the diet photos below along with NPR's captions -  they also have photos of the Hollywood Diet, the Model Diet, The Baby Food Diet, and The Master Cleanse. We can't help but contrast them to beautiful photos of fruits, vegetables, pasta, and other dishes that we've seen - the Mediterranean Diet is looking better and better:  

  5-bite diet

"The Five Bite Diet:  Basically, followers are allowed to eat any food they want for lunch or dinner - just five bites of it. Oh, and they also have to skip breakfast" (Photo courtesy of Stephanie Gonot)

 7-day color diet

The 7-Day Color Diet: An attempt to get people to eat more fruits and vegetables, this diet requires followers to eat foods of just a single color each day. It ends with a day in which you "eat the rainbow," so to speak. Here's Gonot's cheeky take on orange day.  (Photo courtesy of Stephanie Gonot)

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