Why we may see a lot more fake food

Most of us have probably spotted, at least in some Asian restaurants, plastic food. Rather than posting photos of dishes, they create a plastic models of the food being offered. This has become especially popular in Japan as foreign foods - those without Japanese names and impossible to translate like enchilada or lasagne - are offered more widely. The Republic… read more

Is chia really worth the cost?

We're not sure how many people remember the rather infamous Chia Pets of the 1980's - little terracotta animals that miraculously spouted fur after a few weeks of watering. But for those of us who do remember, the explosive popularity of chia seeds as a healthy food item will always have a touch of whimsy. But there's another factor about… read more

Visual proof that most fad diets are just plain nuts

In an excellent demonstration of why seeing is believing, NPR's the Salt took a visual look at fashionable diets - photographing their ingredients. And it's obvious that most of then are just plain nuts or, as they title their article, Fad Diets Will Seem Even Crazier After You've Seen This. We've reprinted two of the diet photos below along with… read more

Following raisins down the history trail

We recently came across a PDF online of a 1932 SunMaid raisin cookbook - and couldn't help but be intrigued - this was even before our time! Raisins were apparently pretty exotic back then - in fact, while we think of them as merely dried grapes, in the book they're described as "Thermo-Jell'd, "  which makes each raisin into a… read more

Rainy day cookbooks

I've got them.  You've got them.  Pretty much anybody with over 100 cookbooks has a couple.  That's right - those books that we set aside for a rainy day, or a day when the kids have a field trip, or when we've already finished all the knitting projects. This year seems to have brought a whole bunch of them, with… read more

The most common cooking mistakes

We admit it - we love lists. But we do try to stick to lists that make us think.  So we couldn't resist this one from Cooking Light: The Most Common Cooking Mistakes. They list 57 common mistakes; here are the 10 we think are the most common (some are slightly reworded to make them more understandable), and cause the… read more

Choosing one cookbook to define each of the last 6 decades

The Kitchn recently took a stab at naming the defining cookbook for each of the last 5 decades, plus the current one. Their  criteria was to choose those  cookbooks - and their signature dishes - that defined a decade and became the go-to source for dinner party menus. Here's their list with our comments and alternate suggestions - feel free to contribute… read more

Follow-up answers about chicken rinsing

Last week we posted a blog on the controversy over whether or not to rinse a chicken before cooking it. We cited an NPR article discussing the question, which received a lot of interest with some additional concerns. NPR has issued a follow-up to their article and we thought it would be useful to our readers who shared those concerns… read more
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