Last minute desserts

Easy desserts

Does this situation sound familiar to any EYB members? You are invited on the spur of the moment to a friend’s or neighbor’s house for dinner. The host already has the meal planned–except for dessert. Naturally, you volunteer to bring something, but the dinner is only an hour away. Panic sets in as you run through the options in your mind about what you have on hand, what you can reasonably make in less than an hour and still look presentable, and what will really satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. What to do, what to do?

Relax, you’ve got this. The EYB library is chock-a-block full of quick and easy dessert recipes that take almost no time but are sure to impress. Here are ten recipes you can make in little time with few ingredients: first, a chocolate mousse that’s ready in under five minutes and has only two ingredients. You won’t look like a fool if you bring one like this strawberry fool that is ready in 30 minutes. There’s fast, and then there’s fast–how about a 6-Minute Meyer lemon olive oil custard? If you have a few extra minutes to spare, you can opt for the 10-minute berry gratin instead.

These rhubarb and custard crumbles sound delightful for spring, and they make individual desserts which is always appreciated (no one has to worry about how big of a piece to take). For the winter months, you can enjoy these baked apples with candied walnuts. Another fruit option takes not-quite-ripe apricots and puts them to good use in apricots in caramel Cognac sauce.

There’s an (almost) instant steamed lemon & cardamom pudding that steams in the microwave (the syrup used in the recipe that takes a few minutes longer). Looking for something cool instead? This three-ingredient coconut lime sorbet can be ready in less than an hour. Finally, Gordon Ramsay has a fast take on the classic tiramisu.

So rest easy, this is going to be a piece of cake.

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