The key to a good sandwich

Chicken club sandwich

Over 49% of Americans eat a sandwich on any given day. What separates good sandwiches from bad ones isn't necessarily the ingredients, says Dan Pashman, author of Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious. Instead, as Pashman tells NPR's The Salt, assembly is a critical factor in a successful sandwich.

Pashman thinks that people should take into account the slipperiness of many foods like avocado or tomato, calling this "the sliced cucumber conundrum." To more securely anchor these items, separate them with leafy greens, which provide friction to hold them into place. He also provides illustrations on the best way to eat your sandwich (starting in the wrong corner is a no-no).

Besides sandwich construction, Eat More Better provides guides to more mindful snacking along with other advice to improve your eating, like how to "reincarnate bagels, leftover pizza and sandwiches." Pashman says that a stale bagel can be refreshed with a "dousing of hot water and a quick five-minute bake in the oven." Listen to the podcast to learn more.

What's your secret to great sandwiches?

Photo of Grilled chicken and club sandwich with avocado and chipotle caramelized onions from indexed blog Closet Cooking

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    Link to podcast doesn't seem to work

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