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ScreenshotThe conundrum with having so many recipes in the EYB Library is that you can be overwhelmed with search results. Luckily we have excellent features to help you narrow your search. Let's say you're interested in online pumpkin dessert recipes without nuts. If you tick the box for Online Recipes and just type 'pumpkin' into the search box, you get over 2,700 hits. However, if you use the 'Filter By' menu, expand the Ingredient tab to Vegetables> Pumpkins & squash> and select Pumpkin by using the plus sign, you're down to just over 1,000 results. Next, expand the Recipe Types filter and select Desserts--now you are down to about 100 recipes.

To exclude nuts, expand the Ingredient tab to Baking ingredients and select Nuts. Once the filter is applied, click the green plus sign next to nuts to change it into a minus sign--meaning exclude that ingredient. Continue applying filters to focus on or exclude criteria.

To learn more about using filters and making your searches more effective, check out our excellent instructional video or quick tutorial.

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