Christmas leftovers as timekeepers

Turkey pie

Over the Christmas holiday, you don't need a calendar (or even a clock) to know what time it is. You can tell the time by the leftovers you are eating, and you can use The Guardian's reference for the seven stages of holiday leftovers as a gauge.

The guide starts off with Christmas Day, after the main meal: "Despite the fact that you stuffed yourself to the point of intestinal tearing just hours earlier, you are back in the kitchen. You are not hungry, no, but feel like you should have something, lest you wake up in the night with a gnawing hunger."

Continuing right on through to New Year's, the guide tackles the waning enthusiasm for turkey and the reluctant eating of food gifts that you don't really care for. Read more at The Guardian. We hope that all of you have enjoyed both your holiday meals and their leftovers!

Photo of Last of the leftovers turkey pie with stuffing cobblers from Fuss Free Flavours 

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