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Yesterday's post may have pointed out the downside of refrigerators, but today's post is all about the advantages. We're moving from the fridge to the freezer today, as Epicurious provides us useful tips on freezing cookie dough. The holidays can be a very busy and stressful time, but you can use your freezer to get a head start on your baking.

You can freeze almost any type of cookie dough, and even some already baked cookies. For cutout cookies like sugar cookies and gingerbread, Epicurious recommends freezing the dough in flattened discs, and then thawing the disks until they are flexible enough to roll and cut.

Drop cookies like chocolate chip, oatmeal, or molasses are even easier. Just roll the prepared dough into balls. (Use a spring-loaded scoop to speed up the process.) "Freeze the dough balls on cookie sheets until firm. Then store the balls in a plastic freezer bag until you're ready to bake them."

Slice and bake cookies were made for freezing, since most recipes instruct you to chill the dough anyway. Thaw the dough for about an hour in the fridge or a quarter of that time at room temperature before slicing and baking. Most doughs can be frozen for up to a month, so you can start now. Check out the Epicurious article for more tips to help with your holiday baking.

Photo of Dark-chocolate cutout cookies from Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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  • Christine  on  12/7/2014 at 10:01 PM

    As much as I like to try new recipes, I am a strict traditionalist when it comes to Christmas cookies and the recipe I've been making for years (and the rest of my family made for years before that) keeps very well even when made a few weeks ahead. They are a simple butter spritz cookie and I think part of the reason they do keep is that they are a firm/crunchy cookie to begin with rather than a soft cookie. We always tease my Grandma that she makes way too many each year and that we're still eating Christmas cookies come Valentine's Day, but believe it or not they taste just as good! If I ever venture beyond my one simple recipe (which I really should since my husband doesn't even like them!) I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

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