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Brunch is a weekend institution for many families. During the hectic workweek, breakfast is grabbed on the go or is a hurried morning affair, with kids rushing off to school and adults heading to the daily grind. According to the Food Timeline, the term brunch came about in late 19th-century England, but the meal probably existed for decades before that, mainly as a repast for "wealthy people at their country houses after the morning's activities." Not many of us have country houses, but at least we can still enjoy a sliver of that lifestyle on the weekend. (Although the aristrocracy may not have understood that term.) 

Brunch is differentiated from surrounding meals not only by its timing, but also by the commingling of foods traditionally served at breakfast with those served during lunch or dinner. Thus you have traditional eggs and bacon, toast with marmalade, and fresh fruit coupled with heavier items like pork chops and savoury pies.

While most of us think of brunch as something that occurs any time between breakfast and lunch, at least some folks wanted to draw finer distinctions, also noted on the Food Timeline:

"Brunch v. Blunch! According to the Lady, to be fashionable nowadays we must 'brunch.' Truly an excellent portmanteau word, introduced; by the way, last year, by Mr. Guy Beringer, in the now defunct Hunters Weekly, and indicating a combined breakfast and lunch. At Oxford, however, two years ago, an important distinction was drawn. The combination-meal when nearer the usual breakfast hour, is 'brunch' and, when nearer to luncheon, is 'blunch.' Please don't forget this." -- "Fashionable and Seasonable," Punch, August 1, 1896 (p. 58)

Blunch never quite caught on, but brunch is here to stay. To inspire you for tomorrow's brunch, let's take a gander at some recently added brunch recipes from the EYB library:

Mushrooms, bacon and asparagus topped with eggs from Serious Eats
Iced raspberry Danish braids from Sally's Baking Addiction
Onion, bacon and spinach frittata from Recipe Girl
Orange pecan cinnamon rolls from Homesick Texan
Pancakes with sugar and lemon from Great British Chefs
Kedegree spicy rice, smoked haddock and boiled eggs from Jamie Oliver

Tell us about your favorite brunch dishes.

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