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Game of Thrones returns for a new season on April 17, so it's time to answer the burning question, "What would Khaleesi serve?" Food52 has the answer wtih a bevy of recipes to celebrate the return of the series, with each dish based on a quote from one of the George R.R. Martin books that underpin the show. Meanwhile, fans of Mad Men are dusting off their cocktail shakers and breaking out the gelatin molds to kick off the seventh season on April 13.

Much like tailgating at sporting events, viewing parties, often replete with costumes, have become more important than the actual event for some people. Downton Abbey parties feature vintage clothing and Mrs. Patmore's London Particular. That show inspired not one, but four cookbooks. The Sopranos naturally springs to mind as a show that was made for a cookbook, but even shows where food isn't prominently featured get cookbooks, like True Blood. (Really?) Perhaps a House of Cards cookbook can't be far off, but it might be difficult to determine which dishes best represent naked ambition and greed.

Which shows do you think make for the best viewing parties?

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  • Jane  on  4/4/2014 at 7:08 PM

    For one season I did do Downton Abbey viewing parties with a couple of friends, using The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook. The recipes were generally not good and when it was my turn, I had to veer away into my decent British cookbooks - particularly as I was the only Brit in the group and I felt the standard of food was really painting a bad picture of how British food really should be.

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