Cookbook giveaway – Morito

Morito, a tiny restaurant tucked in to a small space in the heart of London's Exmouth Market, has been serving delicious and innovative tapas and mezze for over three years. Sam and Sam Clark's "little gem of a tapas bar" has attracted critical acclaim and long lines of patrons, and now you can enjoy the tapas bar's small plates even… read more

The “little sister” gets a cookbook

Morito, a tiny restaurant tucked in to a small space in the heart of London's Exmouth Market, has been serving delicious and innovative tapas and mezze for over three years. Sam and Sam Clark's "little gem of a tapas bar" has attracted critical acclaim and long lines of patrons, and now you can enjoy the tapas bar's small plates even… read more

Pay for your food with a photo

Yes, it's true. A pop-up restaurant in London is offering diners a free meal in exchange for them posting a photo to Instagram, according to The London Evening Standard. Naturally, there's a catch: the menu items are "new chargrilled chicken and fish products from the Birds Eye inspirations range." Approximately ten percent of Britons admit to photographing their food at… read more

Fancy franks

"Eat your Coney Island," says Ryan O'Neal to then-10-year-old Tatum O'Neal in the bittersweet 1973 comedy Paper Moon, itself set during the Great Depression.  Coney Island?  I thought.  What's he talking about?  That's a hot dog, obviously.   But I guess it was a bit of period dialogue, because the American love affair with the hot dog really did start at… read more

A quick hop to your next meal

Since we discussed the ebb and flow of foraging yesterday, it's only logical that we next turn to a meat that was once popular, faded into the background, but is now making a comeback: rabbit. As Noelle Carter of the L.A. Times notes, although rabbit consumption hit a peak in the U.S. during World War II, it nearly disappeared in… read more

Where the wild things are

Foraging for food is as old as mankind. It was the primary source of sustenance for ages, and a few small societies today still forage for most of their food. By and large, however, foraging is a lost art, but it does resurface now and then. Foraging became popular in the 1960s, with books like Euell Gibbons' Stalking the Wild… read more

No fry zone

Fried foods are downright tasty, but sometimes you don't want all the fat, or all the mess, that comes along with the frying process. Getting a crisp texture without frying is not easy, however. Heidi Knapp Rinella of the Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed several chefs who have developed low-fat techniques that preserve the crunch. Glenn Rolnick, corporate chef of Carmine's, uses… read more

Be flexitarian with Bittman

Mark Bittman is a fixture on many EYB member bookshelves, both because he's written several excellent cookbooks and because every one of his recipes is indexed on the EYB site (15,643 and counting). A former columnist for the Times Dining section, this prolific author is now back with the groundbreaking The VB6 Cookbook (Vegan Before 6 P.M.), where he provides the tools needed to make the… read more

Cookbook giveaway – The VB6 Cookbook

If you've ever thought about a vegan diet, this is a cookbook  you don't want to miss. Mark Bittman, Times columnist and author of bestsellers like How to Cook Everything, has just published a new cookbook promoting what he calls a flexitarian diet. It's called The VB6 Cookbook (Vegan Before 6 P.M.), and it contains over 350 recipes for vegan meals.… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

This week's featured recipes include a dozen DIY spice mixes from Mark Bittman -- some fresh alternatives to the out-dated jars in the back of our cupboards! But did you know we have ALL of Mark's recipes indexed? That's more than 15,000 recipes from his cookbooks and columns. To search for online recipes only, simply apply the "online recipes" filter and add the… read more

Substitute spirits

We've always been told that "top-shelf" (i.e. expensive) liquors are the only way to go for mixing the best cocktails. But price isn't the only measure of quality, and there are bargains to be found in the liquor aisle. Carey Jones of Serious Eats asked several top U.S. bartenders about their favorite bargain brands. Dan Bronson of Crescent & Vine in… read more

Forget flowers, get Mom something she’ll really like

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the U.S. Traditional gifts for Mother's Day are flowers, jewelry, and taking Mom to brunch. (Husbands who buy their wives vacuum cleaners or washing machines for Mother's Day may be the recipient of the cold shoulder for weeks.) Instead of the same old gifts, why not get Mom something she'll really like, such as… read more

One True Recipe . . . or a Rainbow Mosaic?

Sometimes people ask me, "What's your favorite food?"  which is ridiculously hard to answer, of course, as any EYB member knows. If we didn't love all kinds of food, we wouldn't have all kinds of cookbooks, and if we didn't have all kinds of cookbooks, we wouldn't need to know what's in them; ergo, we wouldn't be here. Once you… read more

Hidden kitchens

The Kitchen Sisters are back on NPR's The Salt with a new installment of their Hidden Kitchens series. The series travels the world, exploring little known kitchen rituals and traditions that illustrate how communities come together, from modern-day Sicily to medieval England and from the Australian Outback to California. The Kitchen Sisters are Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, Peabody Award-winning producers who… read more

Vegetables make a foray into dessert

First salads made inroads into breakfast; now vegetables take aim at dessert. This trend stretches far beyond carrot cake, pumpkin pie, or the occasional hot pepper in a custard: according to Huffpost Taste, chefs are increasingly making desserts using savory vegetables like beets and mushrooms. Some of the choices are logical extensions of familiar flavor profiles. Fennel's licorice flavors shine… read more

Ramp up the flavor

It's ramp season in the U.S. If you aren't familiar with these pungent alliums, Food & Wine provides everything you need to know. Also known as wild leeks, ramps grow wild everywhere from the Southern U.S. to Canada. They are known for their strong flavor, which "falls somewhere between onions and garlic, with an earthy, slightly funky aroma," according to… read more

2014 James Beard Foundation book award winners announced

The James Beard Foundation announced the 2014 book award winners. Heston Blumenthal's Historic Heston, one of the tomes that didn't even make the IACP nominee list, won both its category (Cooking from a Professional Point of View) and Cookbook of the Year. Other books that didn't make the IACP nominee list but won their respective categories were Every Grain of… read more

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo

Everyone appreciates a reason to celebrate, especially when the festivities involve great food. This is evident in the widespread celebration of Cinco de Mayo far outside the borders of Mexico. It's likely that many people who celebrate this day may not fully comprehend the history behind it: it is not, as many people believe, Mexico's Independence Day, which is September… read more

Food52 launch their own imprint

The hugely popular food website Food52 (4,517 recipes indexed on EYB) has announced their own cookbook imprint, Food52 Works, in conjunction with Ten Speed Press, part of the Random House empire.  The first book will be Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook - no publication date announced yet.  This is a collection of the "smartest recipes"… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

We like to think of EYB as the best of both worlds -- the print & digital worlds, that is. We're fairly certain our members will never completely abandon traditional cookbooks, but there are also many excellent food blogs and websites to supplement our collections. One of our favorites is newly indexed Great British Chefs which features such renowned chefs as… read more

Are big flavors ruining the American palate?

Sriracha, once an obscure ingredient, now makes the headlines when there is a potential shortage in the U.S. Advertisements for food frequently use words like bolder, spicier and tangier. Food and Wine's Kate Krader wonders if this trend toward big flavors means more delicate foods will fall by the wayside. Krader, whose colleagues call her neverending quest for bigger and… read more
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