What's always in a food blogger's fridge?


Everyone has their own refrigerator staples - the items always on hand for a quick meal or snack when they're in a time squeeze. But did you ever wonder what people who write about food for a living always keep in their refrigerators? Wonder no more, because Good Housekeeping asked several popular food bloggers what they considered to be essential fridge staples.

Merrill Stubbs of indexed blog Food52 keeps cheese close at hand. A lot of cheese: "At any given time, I have at least 15 types of cheese in my fridge. I keep several types on hand for nibbling alone or with crackers - sharp cheddar, goat gouda, and Cambazola. I also make sure I have several cheeses for cooking: Parmesan and pecorino are musts for grating over pastas and salads; mascarpone enriches sauces, mashed potatoes, and dips." 

Alison Strickland of Two of a Kind also relies on a dairy product. She keeps butter in her refrigerator at all times so she can bake on a whim, whether it's cake or pie for a family get-together, or a batch of 'cranola' (a.k.a. cookie granola) for myself." Salad dressing is also a fridge staple, so she can balance out all of the baked goodies with salads for lunch.

Meanwhile, Gaby Dalkin of indexed blog What's Gaby Cooking makes sure to have almonds in her refrigerator, so she always has "a quick and delicious snack that I can grab on the go," and because the fridge keeps the almonds fresher. Turning to the less common, food blogger Valerie Rice of Eat Drink Garden keeps a jar of pickled jalapeños that she grew herself. "It's a quick pickle to make, ready in one day, using vinegar, water, garlic, and coriander seeds. I eat them on everything from quesadillas and pizza to quinoa salad for a nice spicy kick."

What item is always found in your refrigerator?

Photo courtesy Good Housekeeping

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  • Rinshin  on  6/18/2014 at 7:20 PM

    I have everything! LOL

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