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ButterUp Knife

An Australian company aims to make the frustration of spreading cold butter on bread disappear forever with its "Stupendous Splendiforous ButterUp" - a butter knife with cleverly placed holes that aerate and soften cold butter. This and nine other reimagined products are featured in an entertaining Washington Post article.

In addition to the ButterUp knife, which has wildly surpassed its Kickstarter goal (you can still preorder if you hurry!), these new products include a planter that claims to prevent plants from becoming root bound, scissors that makes it easy to cut straight lines, and a cup with legs that keep it from tipping over. The AirPot is a planter that features conical-shaped outlets so the "roots are able to grow out toward empty space before being eventually halted or "air-pruned" by the effects of dehydration." The company says this allows the roots to grow in a pattern that promotes better nutrient absorption.

The scissors are specially shaped so they can use a table edge as a guide to keep the cuts straight. This product is still in the concept stage. The tri-legged cup is a retool of the Kangaroo cup, which was introduced in 2012. It's now made with BPA-free plastic for more durability. Other products include a one-handed zipper and an improved toothpaste tube. Now if only they could make a dripless coffee carafe...

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  • hillsboroks  on  8/23/2014 at 6:14 PM

    I want one of these knives! I just did a test with some cold butter and a citrus zester with the little round holes. It worked great getting the butter quickly soft but you can't spread butter with a citrus zester so this knife looks great!

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