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We are excited to announce that over 150,000 indexed recipes now have online links--that's over 15% of the 1,100,000+ recipes indexed on Eat Your Books! All of these recipes are from trusted, top-notch sources including the best magazines and blogs, plus online recipes from cookbooks so you can "test drive" a cookbook before you buy it! Of that 150,000 online recipes, there are nearly 24,000 links to recipes from cookbooks (equivalent to 120 cookbooks) and to over 48,000 magazine recipes (equivalent to over 850 issues of magazines). We are adding thousands of online recipes each month!

EYB allows you to find your favorite online recipes using one search instead of wading through dozens of cumbersome online recipe boxes or favorites lists or subjecting yourself to questionable recipes from a general internet search. If you've ever struggled to remember where you saw that great chocolate tart recipe (or have trouble navigating to the recipe even if you do remember the website), you probably already appreciate this unique resource.

What's more, you don't have to wait for your favorite online recipe to be indexed, you can add unlimited online recipes using the Bookmarklet. Once a member adds a recipe via the Bookmarklet, the recipe is added to the EYB Library, further expanding the resources for all members (approximately 10% of online recipes are added by members). You can even add your personal recipes to your Bookshelf, so you won't forget about your grandmother's special pot roast recipe. These great benefits are available to all members. Three cheers for our indexing team and members in reaching another milestone!

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  • hillsboroks  on  8/27/2014 at 5:00 PM

    EYB just keeps getting better and better! Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work!

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