Melissa Clark complete recipe index

Melissa Clark
We’re delighted to report another complete author index. This time around it’s Melissa Clark, who has been charming readers for years with cookbooks and her columns at The New York Times. She joins her NYT colleague Mark Bittman who also has a complete recipe index. While Clark’s index is not quite as large as Bittman’s, she has a sizeable tally of 1,826 recipes.

These recipes come from several cookbooks, Clark’s blog, and her recently-indexed newspaper columns A Good Appetite at The New York Times and What’s for Dinner? at The New York Times. You can access the complete index in the EYB Library.

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  • psj926  on  April 29, 2015

    Melissa Clark is my favorite part of the New York Times, especially her videos, which are wonderful. Great addition to EYB!

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