Kickstarter for new book about Paula Wolfert

Wolfert collageFans of Paula Wolfert take note: an all-star cast of authors has launched a Kickstarter for a new book about Wolfert, known as the Queen of Mediterranean cooking. As Michael Rulhman reports, the Kickstarter achieved its initial modest goal, but is now expanding to a stretch goal of $80,000.

In the introductory video to the Kickstarter, Wolfert says “I live in the now. I live for today and I make it work for me.” She is referring to adjustments she’s made since her Alzheimer’s diagnosis several years ago. Andrea Nguyen, who is leading the project, says part of the upcoming book’s goal is to help Wolfert “bust the stigma against Alzheimer’s by exploring the relationship between memory and food.”

Nguyen is collaborating with Emily Thelin (formerly an editor at Food & Wine) on the new book. Says Nguyen, “By presenting Paula’s incredible story along with a collection of her brilliant recipes, we aim to honor her legacy.” Since the initial Kickstarter goal was met in just a few days, they are expanding the project and hope to double the print run to 3,000 books. There is still time to back the Unforgettable Kickstarter project if you are interested.  

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