Iconic Providence chef and restaurateur George Gorman has died

 Germon cookbooks

Influential chef George Germon, co-owner of the landmark Providence (RI, USA) restaurant Al Forno, died Tuesday following an unspecified illness. Germon, along with his wife and co-chef Johanne Killeen, together opened Al Forno in 1980 and quickly won a loyal following, rave reviews, and many awards for their superb food. 

Germon is credited with inventing grilled pizza, a specialty at the restaurant. In 1990, Al Forno was named the best restaurant in the world for casual dining by The International Herald Tribune.

"George Germon was a quiet genius," longtime friend and restaurant owner Bob Burke told NPR. "He was a person who completely changed cooking not just in Providence, but all across the nation. He took cooking back to roots that people had long since forgotten."

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