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When you think about designing a kitchen, most of the thoughts revolve around the mechanics of it: what kind of cabinets do you want, how should you arrange the workspace, which countertop materials do you think will work best, and so on. Colors and textures play a role, too. But once it's all done comes another topic that doesn't usually rise to the top of planning: what do you use to decorate your kitchen?

There are a plethora of websites that will help you find ideas for objects d'art ranging from the useful (decorative pot and lid racks or tool organizers) to the gorgeous but impractical (a wall of kitchen herbs). People with small kitchens like items that both look good and serve a purpose, but those who have more space often choose to display beautiful photographs or illustrations of food that don't serve double duty. We stumbled across the intriguing, abstract food photograph pictured above (from Lernert & Sander) through indexed blog Chocolate and Zucchini's email newsletter. (Consider subscribing to the newsletter; it's always filled with interesting links.)

The "cubist" photo above was commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and is available as a limited-edition poster from Lernert & Sander. (If you like it, brace yourself: it costs €125, excluding shipping.) What do you have hanging on your kitchen walls?

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  • hillsboroks  on  10/12/2015 at 6:25 PM

    My kitchen doesn't have a lot of wall space for art but I found some lovely bright glass tiles of salmon at an art show several years ago that just fit my space. I love the reds, oranges, purples and blues that the artist used. Each tile is different and somehow hanging salmon in the kitchen seemed appropriate.

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