Russ Parsons to leave LA Times

Another long-time food writer is leaving a major US newspaper. This time it’s Russ Parsons, food columnist at the Los Angeles Times, who is leaving the paper after more than 20 years. Parsons announced his retirement in a tweet yesterday afternoon:

Russ Parsons tweet

The second tweet read: “but I’m really excited to see what the next chapter will be. What is this thing called “real life”?” He explained a bit more on his Facebook page, noting that the newspaper offered a generous buyout package that he decided to take. He continued, “I’ve had unforgettable experiences and made friends I’ll always cherish,but I’m excited to see what the next chapter will be.”

In addition to his food column at the LA Times, Parsons is the author of the cookbooks How to Read a French Fry and How to Pick a Peach. Following his announcement, Parsons did not elaborate what he plans to do next. A few followers tweeted suggestions, including one that he become a farmer. Parsons replied: “c’mon mas! me a farmer? I’ve got more sense than that. wait … 40 years in newspapers. maybe i don’t. :)”

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  • mfto  on  November 15, 2015

    Years ago when many of us still only had dial up access to the internet, I was a member of a group interested in cookbooks. This was not like EYB but was people involved in selling/buying cookbooks, especially used books Russ Parsons was an active member and would join in several times a week. The group was very friendly and I remember once a young seller of used books had some trauma in his personal life that alarmed the whole group with the desperation in his voice. The silence was finally broken by Russ who wrote soothing words of encouragement and in fact the crisis did pass. But what I really want to share is the group's discussion of the difference between a chef and a home cook. Finally someone asked Russ for his opinion. Unfortunately I can't quote Russ' exact words but the gist of his answer was that a chef entertains and a home cook sustains. Everyone thought that was the perfect answer.

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