Bittman to join food delivery service Purple Carrot

 Mark Bittman

When Mark Bittman recently announced that he was leaving his job at The New York Times to join a startup with the goal of helping people eat more plants, speculation swirled as to where he was headed. We now know the answer - Bittman will be joining food delivery service Purple Carrot

The company, which launched late last fall, has been making vegan dinner kits, available in the Northeast US. The service is planning two-person meal kits in addition to the four-person kits it now sells, and will begin delivering meal kits on the West Coast in addition to the Northeast. The kits feature ingredients and recipes to make two meals for four persons at a cost of $59 USD.

Bittman's role will be multi-faceted: he will help develop menus, write for the company's website, hold online chats on social media sites, and serve as the "face" of the business. "We'll be presenting a new website, incorporating Mark and a new image and language he's helped develop," said Andrew Levitt, founder and chief executive of the Massachusetts-based Purple Carrot. "We'll also be starting a subscription-based business, where we currently are pay as you go." 

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