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Stuffing hash

We’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to our Members in the US, where the turkey is ready for the the oven, the potatoes are on the stove, and the pies are cooling on the rack. After the meal is over and everyone has recovered from their food-induced stupor, you’ll probably be thinking about what to do with all that extra food that you made. The EYB Library and indexed blogs and magazines have both tried-and-true and novel ideas for using up the leftovers.

Some leftover uses are well-known: turkey tetrazzini, potato pancakes, and turkey pot pie. But you don’t have to stop there. Indexed magazine Bon Appetit provides several creative ideas for using the remains of your feast over the next few days. Stuffing hash (pictured above) is a brilliant idea, especially good for those who have overnight guests.

If you’re like most families, you have a lot of leftover cranberry sauce. One interesting use for it is in a Cranberry grilled cheese, which you can also make with fresh cranberries. Mashed potatoes that remain can be turned into crispy, delicious potato croquettes, because what dish isn’t improved by deep frying?

For even more variety, you can spice things up with a recipe for tamales made with leftover turkey. If you have big “Black Friday” plans, fuel up with a real pumpkin spice latte made with leftover pumpkin puree, or try a twist on a game-day classic: turkey nachos with a spicy cranberry salsa. What is your favorite thing to make with Thanksgiving leftovers?

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