Rene Redzepi set to embark on a new chapter

NomaRené Redzepi has been described as the most influential chef in the world. His Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, has sat atop the world rankings for several years, and has spawned any number of imitators. Now the Danish chef is releasing a new documentary called Noma: My Perfect Storm, and has also announced big changes at Noma.

You can view the stunning trailer for the film exclusively on Apple Trailers. Regarding the changes to his restaurant, we'll have to wait until 2017. Redzepi announced that he will be closing Noma at the end of next year, and will be reopening it at a new location in Copenhagen, with an "urban farm" supplying the kitchen. 

Redzepi's playful approach to food and his belief in using local and sustainable ingredients--which he often forages to find--has won him many admirers. But although foraging for ingredients brings to mind a relaxing and bucolic experience, that isn't always the case. Says Redzepi, "We go there and it's like harvest time. It isn't as romantic as you think where you are with your little wooden basket, picking things while listening to music and soaking in the sun.

"Sometimes it's rainy, pouring down and you're in your rain suit, mud everywhere and it's cold and your fingers are trembling and you have to pick [tiny leaves] and you need a kilo of them." While foraging for many of Noma's ingredients has been a lot of work, relying solely on an urban farm in the middle of Copenhagen may be the chef's biggest challenge yet.

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