How well do you know chefs and restaurateurs?

chef collage

After you've sated yourself with the holiday meal, we have the perfect way to procrastinate the cleanup. Take this famous chef and restaurateur quiz and see how well you know culinary giants like Nancy Silverton, Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, and Mario Batali, among others. 

You might not expect some of the questions. Here's an example that surprised me: "Which chef appeared on the 2013 hip-hop album 'Event 2' by Deltron 3030?" (I guessed correctly but it was a guess.) Another interesting question (and one that I didn't answer correctly) was "Which fast food chain is reportedly the favorite among chefs?"

I didn't even come close to aceing this quiz, so I am going to brush up by reading a few cookbooks. Maybe your results will also motivate you to get back in the kitchen (at least in a day or two). 

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