These people rocked the food world in 2015

Danny Meyer & Jose AndresThe people who topped this year's Yahoo! Food list of influential culinary personalities is eclectic and diverse. Chef and restaurateur José Andrés topped the list. He was chosen for his multi-faceted contributions to food, ranging from running a successful restaurant empire, Think Food Group, and advocating for reform in both food business and immigration policy. 

Who knew that a supermodel could excel in the food world? Yet Chrissy Teigen has proved to be no slouch when it comes to food. The Sports Illustrated model's "approachable and authentic commentary on food has earned her a cult following on her blog and on Twitter, where the irreverent cook declares her love of fried snacks, burritos, cheese, and pie while looking impossibly alluring at all times."

Restaurateur Danny Meyer also made the list, mostly for his notable stance to eliminate tipping at all of the restaurants in his Union Square Hospitality Group, the empire which includes Union Square, Blue Smoke, Gramercy Tavern, and the billion dollar burger joint Shake Shack. See the entire list at Yahoo! Food.

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