The ultimate holiday foodie gift guide

Gift baskets

If you're like most people, your email inbox is brimming with advertisements for every website you've even thought about visiting in the last year. As tempting as those products may be, we have a listing of sites featuring holiday hampers and gifts from the most popular chefs and cookbook authors around the world. Some of these items can be shipped and others need to be picked up in store.

These gifts would be a delight for any food or cookbook lover to unwrap. If you know of any sites that we've missed, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the post. 


Ottolenghi Christmas - Food items including a NOPI spice set, and signed copies of NOPI: The Cookbook
Nigella Lawson Her branded kitchenware and even wrapping paper
Fuchsia Dunlop - Authentic Chinese Cooking Set with a copy of Every Grain of Rice
Claire Ptak - The Violet Bakery Christmas Menu 2015
River Cottage - Aprons, knives, towels and of course cookbooks
Three Sisters Bake - A variety of Christmas hampers to order and pick up in store
ScandiKitchen - All types of Scandinavian treats (hurry, many are starting to sell out)
Spice Kitchen - gift hampers built around cookbooks and spice collections
Sous Chef - additional gift hampers built around cookbooks including several cocktail sets


Eataly (Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich) - food gift baskets, many for specific Italian regions
Thomas Keller - A hodgepodge of tools, clothing and restaurant gifts (who wouldn't want a French Laundry gift card?)
Food52 - An enormous collection of products from tools to food to home decor
Rick Bayless - Frontera Kitchen food sets
Matt & Ted Lee - Essential Southern foods
Maureen Abood - Food gifts built around her cookbook Rose Water & Orange Blossoms
Maggie Battista - Foods & packaging materials for DIY gifts, plus cookbooks (you can also visit Maggie's Holiday Market in Cambridge MA)
Ming Tsai - Tools, cookbooks, food & spices


Maggie Beer - Christmas hampers built around cookbooks (the main site has more items)
Donna Hay - These hampers include tools and tableware along with cookbooks
Cornersmith - Hampers featuring pickled products + cookbooks
Sarah Wilson The author of I Quit Sugar has a sugar-free hamper
Pamper Hampers - gift hampers built around cookbooks


Annabel Langbein - Kitchen tools, seed packs, and more

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