“Project Smoke” aims to elevate your barbecue

 Are you just getting into barbecue or do you consider yourself a seasoned pitmaster? Either way, grilling guru Steven Raichlen's new PBS series called "Project Smoke," which debuted last weekend, aims to boost your barbecue IQ. Thirteen 30-minute episodes feature "recipes, ingredients, tools, tricks and techniques that aim to lead the audience on a smoke-filled journey to new flavors."… read more

Power couples

  Some food combinations just seem to go together: peanut butter and jelly, tomato soup and grilled cheese, milk and cookies. Sometimes food combinations do more than just taste good together; they can also promote nutrition, reports NPR's The Salt. The NPR team took a look at a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which "concludes that adding eggs… read more

What does the world’s oldest person eat?

Last week the world got a new oldest person when the previous record holder, Jeralean Talley, passed away at the age of 116. Susannah Mushatt Jones, age 113, then became the world's oldest living person. You might think that to reach these advanced ages the women ate a spartan, ultra-healthy diet, but you would be wrong. Talley lived to 116… read more

The “someday” list

People who love to cook are always on the hunt for new recipes. We pore through cookbooks, read dozens of websites, follow chefs on Twitter, and make bookmarks everywhere for dishes that we'd like to try. Some of us keep these lists online, in notebooks, or in a folder filled with pages torn from various magazines. (Of course we index… read more

Making the most of your marinade

 Marinades promise many things: added moisture, tenderness, and deep flavors to foods like chicken, pork, and even tofu. Sometimes, however, they fail to deliver. Indexed magazine Bon Appétit offers several tips on how to avoid making marinade mistakes. The first piece of advice is to resist the temptation add everything but the kitchen sink to your marinade. "A proper… read more

June 2015 cookbook roundup

Every month Jane and Fiona wade through hundreds of cookbooks, selecting and reviewing all the best new releases of U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand cookbooks. The only thing left for you to do is to add them to your Bookshelf. US In a French Kitchen: Tales and Traditions of Everyday Home Cooking in France by Susan Herrmann… read more

Martha Stewart Living has a new owner

Martha Stewart, who pioneered lifestyle branding in the late 1990s, has sold her empire to Sequential Brands, Inc. in a deal announced yesterday. When Stewart took her company public in 1999, it was valued at $1.8 billion USD. The recent sale indicates how much more crowded the fields of cooking and decorating have become, as the Sequential Brands deal is… read more

A rare glimpse into the making of Le Creuset

  If you peek into the cabinets of EYB Members, you will probably find plenty of enameled cast iron, and much of that bearing the Le Creuset brand. The fabled casseroles, dutch ovens, and other pans are a touchstone for many cooks. The durable cookware is often passed from one generation to the next, becoming a prized family heirloom. Now chef… read more

Plum crazy

Fresh plums are starting to appear in many farmers' markets. Even though they are delicate than other stone fruit like peaches and nectarines, plums are still well suited for many different recipes from salads to dessert. Russ Parsons of the L.A. Times offers insight on how to choose and use plums, and provides a dozen recipes to get you started.… read more

Cocktails add sparkle to brunch

Topping off brunch with a mimosa is wonderful, but there are many other cocktails that are even better, says Food & Wine. They provide a list of five sparkling brunch cocktails for you to try. If you're planning to give Dad a treat tomorrow for Father's Day, you can surprise him with one of those cocktails or find inspiration in… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Did you know adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to build your personal recipe collection? You can now do this even if you have a free membership! Try it out now and see how easy it is. Browse the recipes below, choose one that appeals, click on the link, and add it to your… read more

Peruvian cuisine features multi-cultural influences

Acclaimed chef Gastón Acurio was born in Lima, Peru. He has created an international empire, exporting Peruvian cuisine around the world. Acurio owns more than 44 international restaurants, one of which was recently ranked as one of the world's 50 best restaurants. He is now sharing his life's passion through a new book, Peru: The Cookbook. (Enter our contest for… read more

Cookbook giveaway – Peru: the Cookbook

Peru's most famous and popular chef, Gastón Acurio, is sharing his love for Peruvian cuisine with an expansive new book, Peru: The Cookbook, which features nearly 500 traditional recipes, One of the world's most innovative and flavorful cuisines, Peruvian food has been consistently heralded by chefs and media around the world as the "next big thing." Learn more about the cuisine… read more

Guide to substitutions

Don't you hate it when you start a baking project or recipe only to find you are missing one of the ingredients? You can sometimes make substitutions that will allow you to continue, but you have to spend time searching for what you can use. Skip the search and hang up the following substitution chart on the inside of your… read more

Five cooking oils that you should be using

Ask any cook about his or her pantry staples and olive oil will probably be mentioned. It can add a fruity or peppery zing to many types of dishes. But you should consider other delicious oils to perk up your food, says The Wall Street Journal. The article presents five different, flavorful oils made from nuts, seeds and vegetables. Cooks… read more

Kickstarter for new book about Paula Wolfert

Fans of Paula Wolfert take note: an all-star cast of authors has launched a Kickstarter for a new book about Wolfert, known as the Queen of Mediterranean cooking. As Michael Rulhman reports, the Kickstarter achieved its initial modest goal, but is now expanding to a stretch goal of $80,000. In the introductory video to the Kickstarter, Wolfert says "I live in… read more

Turning disaster into delight

It happens to the best of us. We leave a pan of vegetables in the oven too long, or we forget about the beans boiling in the saucepan, and suddenly we have blackened or mushy vegetables. But you don't have to throw away these culinary mishaps, says Tamar Adler. Instead, she advises us to turn tragedy into triumph by reimagining… read more

New bread baking cookbook strikes the right balance

Bread baking cookbooks often have have a difficult time trying to balance the extremes between speaking down to readers or offering vague, cryptic instructions that make the process seem intimidating. But The Larousse Book of Bread is an example of how to write a bread baking cookbook right, says Jane Lawson of The Australian. Lawson notes in her review that… read more

Christina Tosi on bringing Milk Bar to the masses

Home baking has surged in popularity recently, and some of surge can be attributed to James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi of Momufuku Milk Bar fame. Her cookbook of the same name was a huge success, and she's followed up with a second book that is part cookbook and part memoir. She recently spoke with Emma Bazilian about Masterchef,… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites. As a member, you can also add your own… read more

Thousands of cookbooks – and a controversial past

Dalia Carmel's New York City apartment might be a cookbook lover's dream: you can find cookbooks from floor to ceiling in nearly every room of the home. What's even more impressive is that the thousands of books in the apartment are only a fraction of her collection - she has already donated over 11,000 volumes to New York University. One does not amass… read more

When one word sparks a food memory

It is amazing how something as simple as one word from a byline to a story can spark a flood of memories. I experienced this phenomenon today when a Guardian Food article caught my eye. Just one word - plachyndy - unleashed a vivid flashback to my grandmother's kitchen. Plachyndy is a Moldovan word used to describe a savory flatbread… read more

Culinary icon Roger Vergé passes away

Legendary French chef Roger Vergé died on June 5 at age 85. Verge led the culinary movement that became known as nouvelle cuisine, where lighter and fresher fare replaced the heavy, fat- and cream-based sauces of traditional French cooking. Vergé's particular brand of nouvelle cuisine came to be called cuisine du soleil, or cuisine of the sun, which consisted of… read more

The history of the hamburger

If you're a fan of burgers, you need to visit Grub Street to read the story of the hamburger. It's actually more than just one story, as Grub Street interweaves several short articles into a longer narrative discussing the rise of the gourmet burger. The smaller vignettes include a blind burger sauce taste testing by Daniel Boulud, a discussion of… read more

Our first price rise in 6 years

Eat Your Books launched in August 2009 - here was our first ever blog post - with 550 indexed cookbooks.  Since then the site has grown enormously - more than 5,600 cookbooks are now indexed plus we added magazines (2,300 are indexed) and online content.  The recipe database is now nearly one and a quarter million recipes, with more than… read more
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