Lucky foods for the New Year

  Half the world has already celebrated the New Year while the others are counting down the hours. After waking up the next day (if you feel like eating, that is), you may celebrate with a traditional meal of 'lucky' foods meant to help bring good fortune for the coming year. The traditions vary depending on where you live.  Grapes… read more

What Makes a Good Cookbook

Recently, there was a discussion in The Cookbook Junkies about the marks a cookbook must hit to be defined as "good" or in other words "what do we look for in a cookbook". This discussion has been rehashed several dozen times and I feel, at times, as if my life was the inspiration for the movie, Groundhog's Day. To be… read more

Two Weeks of Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

  At Eat Your Books we want to bring you the best recipes - our dedicated team searches out and finds online recipes excerpted from newly indexed cookbooks and magazines. New recipes from the best blogs are indexed daily and members index their favorite online recipes using the Bookmarklet all the time. Below you'll find this week's recommendations from the… read more

Best online food writing of 2016

  If you like reading cookbooks, it's probably not a stretch to assume that you also enjoy food literature. With the myriad number of online food writing pieces that have come out in the last year, a few good nuggets may have slipped under your radar. That's okay, because indexed blog Food52 has put together a list of some of… read more

Why do we drink Champagne on New Year’s Eve?

When the ball drops in Times Square and fireworks light up the sky over the London Eye this New Year's Eve, chances are that the drink in people's hands at the time will be champagne. Have you ever wondered why the bubbly stuff is the "official" drink of New Year's Eve? The folks over at indexed magazine Food and Wine… read more

Looking back at 2016 in food

  As the year draws to a close, people have a tendency to become introspective. While 2016 may not be anyone's favorite year for a number of reasons, instead of dwelling on the negative let's reflect on the positive when it comes to food online. In a minute we'll list EYB Members' top picks for cookbook sample recipe collection, but… read more

The Taste of Egypt – Cookbook Giveaway

The Taste of Egypt: Home Cooking from the Middle East by Dyna Eldaief delivers the sophisticated colors and flavors of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine to the modern home kitchen in unpretentious, down-to-earth style. I previously reviewed this title for TasteBook where we shared a the Syrup-Drenched Donuts that you can try now. Please be sure to read our author interview to… read more

The Taste of Egypt – Author Article

The Taste of Egypt: Home Cooking from the Middle East by Dyna Eldaief delivers the sophisticated colors and flavors of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine to the modern home kitchen in unpretentious, down-to-earth style.   We were pleased that we were asked to share information about this fascinating book with Eat Your Book members as well as offer a giveaway.  … read more

The difficulties of predicting food trends

  As the year draws to a close, many organizations have made their predictions for food trends for 2017 (and we've shared a few with EYB Members). The accuracy of such forecasts is spotty, as The New York Times discusses in their recent article about the "dark (and often dubious) art" concerning food trend predictions. If you take these forecasts… read more

A ‘food amusement park’ to open in Bologna next year

  An "Italian-specialty-food amusement park" named FICO Eataly World is on schedule to open its door in Bologna, Italy in September 2017, according to Grub Street. The massive establishment has been plagued by delays and higher-than-expected costs.  Set on a 20-acre site, FICO Eataly World will have 2.5 acres of orchards, gardens, and pastures; 40 workshops where you can watch pasta… read more

Quirky Christmas food traditions

  If you celebrate Christmas, you likely have one - or several - Christmas food traditions. The particular traditions in your household depend greatly on where you live. NPR's The Salt explored the quirky food traditions of twelve different countries, and the results were fascinating.  Being limited to twelve countries means that hundreds of traditions weren't included, but the novelty… read more

Season’s Greetings from EYB

This is one of the busiest weekends on the planet, as for the first time in nearly 40 years, the start of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve fall on the same day. Most of us are likely rushing about with last minute food making, gift wrapping, or other tasks that we should have done days ago (please tell me I'm not… read more

A gingerbread dream house

 One endearing holiday tradition is the making of gingerbread houses. They represent some of the best parts of the season: gathering friends and family, making things together with your children, and (my favorite part) filling your kitchen with the smell of gingerbread. Most of us construct basic little houses, decorating them with candy canes, gumdrops, and powdered sugar snow. Then made… read more

Best of the best cookbooks list 2016

  Each year, Jane collects the "best cookbooks of 2016" lists from a wide variety of sources, ranging from television to radio to bloggers to newspapers - over 300 lists in total. After aggregating and ranking nearly one thousand books, Jane compiles the winners into  EYB's "Best of the Best" cookbooks of 2016. After a few years of crushing the… read more

The best cookbooks of 2016 by the experts

Who knows cookbooks better than the owners of specialist cookbook stores? They stock and sell thousands of cookbooks and because their stores are focused on food and drink books, they are true experts.  They read the books, cook from them and then share their knowledge with their customers.  When shopping for cookbook gifts this holiday season, think about supporting your… read more

An idea whose time has come

  Themed cafés are not a new concept. There are internet cafés, cat cafés, rock and roll cafés, and more. But one we hadn't heard of before sounds like the best one yet. A library in Austin, Texas, is getting ready to launch a cookbook café.  The city library solicited ideas from restaurateurs and others in the city, and a local restaurant group came… read more

December 2016 Cookbook Roundup

Each month I happily wade through hundreds of cookbooks, selecting and reviewing all the best new releases from U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The only thing left for you to do is to add them to your Bookshelf. Following the delicious onslaught of September, October and November, December is a relatively quiet month for cookbook releases. Although… read more

Ten kitchen habits to try for 2017

  As 2016 draws to a close, many of us will look back and assess the year, perhaps making resolutions for 2017. If you are inclined to do so, and if any of your resolutions involve cooking, you may want to check out The Kitchn's 10 small kitchen habits to try in 2017.  Even though it's touted as a list… read more

Predicting 2017’s food trends

  If you ask three different people in the food industry what's going to be popular in the coming year, you are likely to get a variety of responses. That's what I discovered when looking through my Twitter feed recently. Whole Foods Market, the editors at the James Beard Foundation, and food writer Mimi Sheraton have all recently made predictions for the coming year,… read more

Christopher Kimball responds to the ATK lawsuit

  Last month we reported on the lawsuit filed by America's Test Kitchen against Christopher Kimball where ATK alleged that Kimball  "literally and conceptually  ripped off America's Test Kitchen." Kimball recently filed his response to the lawsuit, and it paints a very different picture of what happened. The article lists the highlights of Kimball's response, which was filed just a few… read more

Cook for Syria Recipe Book

Purchasing #CookforSyria Recipe Book  edited by Serena Guen will not only gift yourself with a spectacular cookbook but also will provide you with the satisfaction that you are donating to help the Syrian humanitarian effort. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charity - in aid of UNICEF's Children of Syria Fund. I have pre-ordered the… read more

Tis’ the Season to be Baking … Flour Everywhere La la la la

The holiday season is hectic enough and what do we do - we add to that madness by making impossible demands upon ourselves. One year I made over twenty varieties of cookies for my cookie trays to give to neighbors. At that time my son was a toddler and I was hosting Christmas dinner at my house for our family.… read more

The Pioneer Woman launches her own magazine

  Fans of Ree Drummond, who rose to fame due to the popularity of her blog The Pioneer Woman, will be delighted to learn that she will be launching her own magazine next year, with a tentative launch date of June 2017. According to the publisher, "The Pioneer Woman  magazine will feature a strong emphasis on food, showcasing Drummond's accessible style for… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Did you know adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to build your personal recipe collection?  You can do this even if you have a free membership! Try it out now and see how easy it is. Browse the recipes below, choose one that appeals, click on the link, and add it to your Bookshelf.… read more

New ideas for your holiday punch

  Many of us own a punch bowl but only dig it out of the cupboard a couple of times per year. The end-of-year holidays is one such time, and that means the hunt is on to find an impressive punch recipe that will satisfy our guests. M. Carrie Allen, writing for The Washington Post, is here to help, sharing… read more
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