Exhibit on Ferran Adrià opens in Florida museum

 El Bulli cookbooks

His restaurant may be shuttered, but you can learn about the work of Ferran Adrià, from his groundbreaking el Bulli restaurant and beyond, in a new exhibit hosted by the Salvador Dalí museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. In an email Q&A, Bloomberg Business News asked Adrià to discuss the exhibit.

The museum will highlight Adrià’s”culinary work from tabletop pieces and flatware he’s designed to detailed notebooks he’s kept throughout his cooking career.” The exhibits appear juxtaposed with Dalí’s food-focused paintings. This is the chef’s final museum exhibition before he opens his much-anticipated culinary center at the site of the former elBulli restaurant in Roses, Spain. The center is set to open in 2018. 

The Q&A covers many topics, including which chefs Adrià feels best exemplify his cooking philosophy. When asked about whether the media emphasizes chefs too much, Adrià had this to say: “The chef as a rock star? It’s as illogical as cooks being sports stars or actors, etc. In an ideal world, it would be much more relevant to be a scientist or someone who makes tangible contributions to society. But that’s the way the world works.”

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