Looking forward to celebrity cookbooks

Celebrity cookbooks

Celebrity cookbooks are often dismissed as little more than vanity projects by stars cashing in on their fame. But some celebrities can actually cook and that makes some people actually looking forward to cooking out of a few upcoming celebrity books.

The first cookbook is from an unlikely source, musician Questlove. While some musician cookbooks are a bit campy (I'm looking at you, Coolio), this one aims a bit higher, thought, because "in addition to being good at drumming, singing, DJing, and producing, The Root's drummer Questlove knows his food, and his eclectic travels could bring a fresh worldview to your kitchen."

Another celebrity book being hyped is from Freddie Prinze, Jr. Since he retired from being a teen idol, Prinze "has proven himself to be the chillest guy who ever graced the insides of high school lockers: instead of going on drug benders, punching paparazzi, or making a career out of divorcing models, he's become half of the most quietly great celebrity couple and taken up cooking. Mr. Buffy's cookbook will come out later in 2016."

Model Chrissy Teigen has a book coming out in February. If you follow her Instagram feed, you will find loads of pictures of amazing looking food. She has also been outspoken in her love of food, something you don't see very often. Are there any celebrity cookbooks that have impressed you?

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