Cookbook Giveaways - Roundup

Life can be hectic and I find having reminders is the only way to make sure I get things done. For cookbooks, post-it notes adorn each recipe that has my interest - I use a great deal of post it notes. I have task lists for work, for home items, and for just about everything. My life is a series of checking off tasks.

Today, as there are so many great contests here at Eat Your Books - I wanted to post a reminder with a link to them all. Be sure to enter and share this post. I have listed them in order of expiration with links to the books, giveaways and more in the selections. Each giveaway has a link to an author article or recipe post - be sure to check out those for some great recipes from these authors. Good luck. 

Please note I will be updating this post and placing the expired giveaways in italics and notating that they have been completed. 

Update: Giveaway expired. Quivering Desserts & Other Puddings by Martha Holm's contest is open for twelve more hours! The giveaway is open to EYB members worldwide and five copies of this book are available. Desserts and puddings - what's not to love?

Update: Giveaway expired. Soup Swap by Kathy Gunst's giveaway is open for two more days. The giveaway is for EYB members in the U.S. and Canada and five copies of her book are up for grabs. It's soup season here in the U.S. and this book is what we need to add some variety to our offerings. I see a soup swap in my future.

Update giveway expired. Big Bad Breakfast by John Currence's contest is open to EYB members in the U.S. Five copies are available of this book and you have two days left to enter. Who doesn't love breakfast?This super hot title will transform your morning meal like no other.

Update giveaway expired. Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy's giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian members of EYB with two copies available. The contest is open for two days. I am cooking the three dishes that are shared in the author article today and I have a group cooking through the book to hone our skills. Come join us!

Update Giveaway Expired The Happy Cook by Daphne Oz' contest is open for five more days. The giveaway is open to U.S. EYB members. 15 autographed copies of Daphne's book along with a notebook are up for grabs! This is one of the books that surprised me this year with its varied recipes and international flavors.

Update Giveaway Expied. Damn Delicious by popular blogger Chungah Rhee's giveaway is open for seven more days. We have three copies of this book available for EYB members in the U.S. I've made a few of Chungah's recipes and they are quick, delicious and easy to throw together. 

Update Giveaway Expired. Sweet Potato Love by Jackie Garvin's contest is open for eight more days. Three autographed copies of this book are available for EYB members in the U.S. You will never run out of ideas for utilizing the not-so-humble sweet potato with this cookbook. Jackie's Biscuits cookbook is great and a favorite! 

Danielle Walker's Against All Grains Celebrations by Danielle Walker's contest is open for U.S. EYB members for 13 more days. Three copies of this popular blogger and cookbook author's book are up for grabs. Great party food can be yours as the holiday season approaches.

Samarkand: Recipes & Stories from Central Asia & The Caucasus by Caroline Eden & Eleanor Ford's contest is open for EYB members in the U.S. for 17 additional days. This is a beautiful book that will have you falling in love with Samarkand as I have.

Flavour: Eat What You Love by Ruby Tandoh's giveaway is open to EYB members worldwide and three copies of her fantastic second cookbook are up for grabs. Her first title Crumb is one of my favorite books of last year and this is sure to be a favorite. Twenty-one days left to enter!

Art of the Pie by my friend, Kate McDermott's contest is open to EYB members in the U.S. and Canada. Ten copies of this book that is devoted to the love of pie are available in this giveaway. This is the pie book of 2016. There are twenty-three days left to enter this contest!

French Desserts by Hillary Davis' giveaway is open for twenty-six more days. Two copies of this beauitful book are available for EYB members in the U.S. and Canada. Hillary's titles are spectacular.

The Grain Bowl by Nik Williamson's contest is open for twenty-seven more days. Five copies of this book are available EYB Members in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Remember Eat Your Books members receive a 30% discount on all books purchased using our link.

This completes all the giveaways that are open at the time of this posting. We have more giveaways lined up. If you are not a member of Eat Your Books, you can join for free or join us for $30 a year. I am enjoying adding my books and taking advantage of all the benefits. For the price of a cookbook, I have all my recipes organized and my book library available to me. I am a third of the way through adding books - and have already saved myself the cost of membership when I almost purchased a second copy of a title while I was away in New York. 


  • Rinshin  on  10/17/2016 at 4:24 PM

    I only do FB and don't do other things such as twitter, etc. I wonder if I should even bother signing up for book giveaway anymore.

  • Jenny  on  10/18/2016 at 7:21 AM

    Rinshin - every comment is a chance. Many people don't have twitter or pinterest. It's all random.

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